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I need major help! Thanks so much for the video information- definitely armed me with further questions for my Endo.

Me: 33 YO Female. Hosimotos diagnosed 5 years ago- on and off synthroid with various doses. Have a goiter and nodules (that have been biopsied and are fine). Had a baby in January and my levels haven't been right since. Was on .1, then .075, then .0...then none. Then all the sudden my levels for over 10. I was put back on .075 with Vitamin D (that was 30 and is now 50). But my levels only came down to 2.7...so now I'm on .1...but I feel SO WEIRD! My head spins, I have stigmitatizus (Sp?...where my eyes goes back and forth). I feel like I'm high or really buzzed. I've gained a ton of weight...probably the most frustrating!

What should I do? As I am writing I realize I should probably call my Dr...but would love to hear your approach! Thanks so much for everything!

Anna Tala

would love advice to get my thyroid under control test results were 5.6 (normal range for lab was 0.2 -5.5)doctor wants me to start medication/i would rather try a more natural approach(my last years results were 2.5)i am experinceing cold hands/feet weight gain,fatigue,bloating etc...help! might apple cider vinegar help,it hepled my gerd symptoms,any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you :)

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