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Magnesium Supplements

The lack of magnesium can also lead to hearing impairment.

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Trying these before resorting to meds it great and I am grateful that a doctor would know of them. Soap in bed, though...even Dr Gott (the guy who uses the soap cure), says it doesn't work for RLS, only leg cramps. Other things that might help include reviewing diet --caffeine, alcohol, sugar, ice cream, wheat - are all things that can cause RLS. If anemic, get tested for celiac, too. And, don't forget exercise - RLS can be worsened by heavy exercise, so you may have to find your tolerance level and stick with it. One other possibility: if you like pressure on your legs, heavy surgical hose help many with RLS. And, don't forget that many mediations, both prescription and over the counter ones, can induce or worse RLS.

As noted, I applaud trying these methods first. As a life long RLS sufferer for whom none of these work, however, I want others to know that these methods do not always work.

Please, do try these. But also please know that they do not help everyone. There are many they will not help. And if you are not helped by these please know that there are medications that can help. Just do some research first, read the information at Wemove.org and RLS.org. Then find a doctor who knows as much as you do...

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