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Well, I do know that it doesn't make us relax. So I think I have to agree with you here, it could possibly cause us stress and just not know it. That's why going for checkups from time to time is very important, having full knowledge of what's going when it comes to our health should be a priority.

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As the city grew, however, the geographical center changed. Therefore, in 1582, the Tower was moved 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) east of the original site. Except for the base, all parts are original, and history tells us that the relocation was accomplished quickly and inexpensively, making it a truly notable achievement in the architectural history in China.

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Since finishing my first chelation therapy because I had an over abundance of lead, mercury and tungsten (how I got that who knows), I can say that I have noticed a big difference in my anxiety and irritability issues. Night time for some reason has become a more peaceful time. My anxiety issues would usually happen in late afternoon and carry over into the evening. They are not all gone, but they are significantly gone which makes life much better :)

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