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Cholesterol is often overrated as a factor in heart disease. It's more like it's guilty by being found at the scene of the crime then actually committing the crime itself. (We'll talk more about that at another time.) However, it is an indicator of other problems in the body; and there is no question that it thickens the blood, which when combined with narrowed arteries, is a very real risk to the heart and brain.

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Before you see your dietitian for the first time, keep a log of each morsel--no matter how small--that you eat every day for at least a week. Don't just simply note what you put in your mouth. Also write down where you ate a particular food and what you were doing at the time. Doing this will help your dietitian find patterns that may reveal the other "w"--why you eat. Keeping a food diary doesn't help only your dietitian: Writing down what you eat will heighten your awareness of your eating habits, and this can help you recognize ways you can change.

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Why can junk foods do all this?

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Junk Food is really very dangerous for the health always try to avoid such foods as it will affects very badly. I would like this article. The whole article is very informative
and helpful to the diabetic person.

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Unhealthy foods

This is very interesting article. Junkfoods are really bad for our health, and has different effects on our body and once this has started to develop, we cannot easily get rid of it, and may lead to hereditary and we don't want that to happen.


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It is very sad. I got hit with high blood pressure as a teenager thanks to my very heavy consumption of fast foods. McDonalds is to blame for all of this bad news. That led to my slight obesity when I was in college in 1994-2002.

At one time, my blood cholesterol was 239. It is now down to 149.

Why can junk foods do all this?

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