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that I've showed up at a party in a "costume" that caused people to not recognize me. Wish I'd gotten it together enough ahead of time to work a pinky ring and a cornuto pendant into the look, but

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She pairs her Rasts with an Urban Outfitters striped tank, layered over a fitted white Tee. I didn't ask if she was nursing (how rude!) but the configuration of loose tank over tight Tee is perfect for nursing

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That so sad. She will now feel how painful being a breast cancer patient.

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Moon, for what do you wait?
   To salute the sun for whom I must make way.  

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This is awful. This is why cosmetic surgeons should start investing more money into finding a cure for this, and stop focusing on breast implants and other cosmetic surgeries.

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Friendships multiply joys and divide grief,It should be based on (upon) mutual respect.

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Now what needs to occur next is the fuller anchoring of the new dream to redirect humanity into more "green" endeavors and towards greater unity and peace

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Don't waste life in doubts and fears.

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You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success.

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Worrying about breast cancer won’t work. Let us wake up to the alarm on increasing cancer cases and strive towards making more and more people know about it. I lost my husband last year. If only we could diagnose it earlier, he may have been with me today. Wear the pink ribbon and become a part of breast cancer awareness campaign. It’s time to act responsible and join hands to get over the fear of breast cancer by getting ourselves screened for it.

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