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Great explanation, I'm impressed. Like the rest I don't like flu shots and it makes me think about what all chemicals we're injecting ourselves with. Getting vaccinated is important but taking care of ourselves and taking precaution is even more better than vaccine which also is only a prevention not a cure.

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Experience is the mother of wisdom. Every man is his own worst enemy.

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In every society, even one as small and fluid as a city bus, there is an alpha creature. A being who, given a drastic change in circumstances, would rule. If this bus were to take off into space or suddenly bury miles underground, and we all had to live the rest of our lives together, one person would be, at least at first, in control. Sometimes it's not obvious, if the bus is filled with people who normally look furtive for a leader to follow, but sometimes it's deadly obvious.

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I agree that your natural suggestions are what we should be working towards. I've also heard bad things about these annual vaccines. I think it's important for people to understand that it isn't a miracle cure.

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